Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tory Love Letter To The Maritime Provinces

MaryT of Canadian Blue Lemons:
Alexa said PMSH has written off Atlantic region as he has bigger fish to fry in other places. She's right for once.
Go ahead, elect Liberals and get nothing.
I think if there was a referendum across Canada on should AB and ONT and BC fund greedy Maritimes, the vote would be a huge NO.

Update:To me the Casey firing is just more evidence of the purge of PC's from the new Conservative party. One by one the PC's are being tossed from Psycho Steve's presence. The slow motion civil war looks to be headed toward and absolute Reform victory. Peter MacKay had better watch his back. He may think he has influence in Steve's world, but this incident shows he does not. Not even a little bit.
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