Monday, June 04, 2007

From Bridge To Bush Stalking Horse...

In less than 24 hours. Harper is pushing "intensity targets" to a skeptical world (the one exception is of course, the Bush Administration which loves intensity targets). That's some middle ground Harper is staking out there (On a positive note, I love the way Steve also inserts yet another dig at the Liberals, just in case anyone back home is listening). What a bonus for Canada. Now, rather than being just a national embarrassment, Psycho Steve is showcasing his "unique skills" to the big boys. We all should be proud.

Update:I see that some of the European press services, who have not had experience dealing with Psycho Steve, are swallowing his bullshit about supporting Merkel's position on climate change. For future reference, when Harper says he is "on the same page", look at the fine print. In this case he is suggesting that intensity targets and absolute reduction targets are "roughly" the same. After all, they differ only in their choice of adjectives, right?
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