Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Steve As Speed Racer

The wheels on the Tory bus (or in this case NASCAR racer) keep falling off. The backlash started almost immediately. It will only get worse.

I will bet you a box of donuts that the Liberals will assign a person full-time to follow that car around with a video camera. Then, in the next election we will see ads of the "Conservative Car" spinning out of control, smashing into things, coming in last, etc. Come to think of it, it is a pretty good symbol of the Conservative Party after all. I realize the Harper Conservatives absolutely do whatever their Republican handlers tell them to, but someone in the party, sometime, had better say "Enough!", before they become a joke.

Update: If you want a good primer about what the Tories are trying to do, read this. I find it fascinating that the Tories will import any Republican strategy, regardless how outdated or culturally unsuited to Canada it is.

Update 2: I really love this quote too.
A Conservative source said the goal is to reach middle-class voters who don't like current Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion and have bad memories of Brian Mulroney's leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party from 1984 to 1993 (emphasis mine).
I love the fact that these Conservatives are willing to dis Brian Mulroney and emphasize they are a different brand. I suspect old tyme PC's (if any still exist within the ranks of the Conservative Party) will not appreciate having mud kicked on the memory of their last great PM. This is further evidence that the Reform rout is now complete.
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