Friday, June 08, 2007

Steve's Massive Triumph

So, let's tally up the damage wrought by our Glorious Leader on his "Wreck The Earth, European Tour 2007"tm. He helped George Bush stampede the Europeans into accepting a pant-load agreement on climate change, one in which they will "consider" making "substantial" cuts (but if we decide the oil sands are more important then screw it)to greenhouse gas emissions. There is no short term timetable but promises of miracle reductions when Harper is 80 years old and living in Tennessee (I say Tennessee, because that's where the East Coast will be in 2050).

Next, he blocks any kind of mechanism to ensure aid is distributed to Africa. Yes, yes, I know he denies this, but who are you going to believe the guy who said he wouldn't tax income trusts and not touch resource revenues, or Bono? I know who I believe. So, all in all not a bad few days for Psycho Steve. He got exactly what he wanted. No movement at all on climate change (in fact he may have even gotten more room not to do anything) and a backhander to the Africans. I am sure he is one happy, happy sociopath today. The rest of us, on the other hand, have to eat it I guess.
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