Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Harper's Election Strategy Goes Global

So, Harper is being panned by all environmental groups over his GHG "solution" presented to the world. You would think Psycho Steve might be a bit concerned by this turn of events, but no. He is serene in his media free bubble. Why? As robopundit points out, the G8 is about "consensus" at all costs. Steve knows the Europeans will bend themselves into pretzels so as to paper over the differences between his position and theirs. Using this dynamic, Harper can come back to Canada looking like he is just as green as those latte-drinking, European weenies (you can count on Megaphone John Baird to screech about their "triumph" for months). The fact that his "solution" is a fraud is irrelevant to the Tories. The only thing that matters is that enough people back home think Steve has done something on the environmental file. In other words, the environment, is merely a prop in Steve's never ending quest for a majority government. Nothing else matters to Steve. Nothing.
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