Thursday, November 23, 2006

Words Are Just Words Until They Move The World

Watch this (especially around the 21:20 mark), or listen to this and ask yourself a) doesn't this all sound familiar and b)Where are the voices who speak for Canada now? Make no mistake, the same forces of provincialism Trudeau is denouncing, are loose upon our country during this current fiasco. If you don't believe me, take a look at Mario Dumont's reaction (or Ted Morton's for that matter) to Harper's move. What is missing today is someone with the guts to say NO! We are one nation!

I keep hearing that what Harper (and let's face it the whole political class in Canada) has done is no big deal. "Calling Quebec a nation doesn't mean anything anyway", is the common refrain. Well why do it then? Do you think Quebecers are stupid? Do you think they (or more importantly their politicians) will accept a meaningless motion? No, this will be used as a club wielded by provincial politicians who want more power. For this is about power, in the long run and who has it.

This also about competing visions of Canada. One is the traditional view of Canada as one nation, with a strong central government, made up of diverse regions. The other is one based on a smaller Canada, a mute Canada, a Canada that is nothing more than a loose collection of semi-autonomous "nations", a United Nations of a country if you will. I for one don't want to live in the Untied Nations. I want to live in Canada. One nation. The greatest nation and country in the world.
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