Saturday, November 04, 2006

Borat Conservatives

That is what I hereby call people like the following, Mary T., one of the charming commenters from SDA:
Wonder what the ted kennedys, nancy pelosi, john kerry, taliban jack supporters will say when the islamofacists come for them. Bush is right, fight them there or fight them in the usa. They are already here and just waiting. Pullling out of Iraq will not stop muslims from killing muslims. How many of the supposed 500,000 killed were killed by muslims. I look at those numbers and think, thank GOD, they will no longer be able to reproduce. (emphasis mine)Can't wait for Curics sign off to be, good night, allah be willing.
What will it take for the leftist idiots to wake up.
I bet Mary would be singing along with Borat, too. Although, I suspect outraged denials on that score. These days, in polite Borat conservative circles, genocidal hatred is reserved only for Muslims (unless, like Borat, you get them into a sing along). But, it isn't at all a stretch to believe that in another time and place, Borat conservatives would be flocking to the theatres to see the Eternal Jew. The same naked hatred is on display. Only the target has changed.
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