Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Nation I Can Get Behind

Since the Parliament of Canada now seems to be in the business of designating groups as nations, I have started a petition to bestow that status on a real nation. I am of course talking about the "Colbert Nation", the true fans of the greatest television journalist working today, Stephen Colbert. Sign the petition. We are a nation, proud and strong. Let's get the government to recognize the truthiness of our uniqueness.

Update: Read the Colbert Nation Covenant. It is truly awe inspiring.

Update 2: For those who believe such resolutions are meaningless, read this. The Premier of Quebec is floating the idea that he will use the "Quebecois as nation" resolution as an argument for more power for Quebec, before the courts -- and HE IS A FEDERALIST! Imagine what a separatist premier would do with it.
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