Friday, November 17, 2006

Ew, Those Evil Eastern Elites... Hate Them So Much... Revenge Soon

From John Ibbitson's latest fish-wrap:
The elite of the liberal consensus may well get their way; they usually do. But here's a thing. Money and power and people are flowing steadily westward and the decline of deference continues to drain power out of the common rooms and into the commons.

One day, not that far off, the West will choose the song, and the masses will elect whom they please, and the elite of the liberal consensus will find themselves talking only to each other, and being listened to by no one at all.
I will not dispute Albertans' right to "chafe" at the "liberal" elite consensus, but I have a hard time believing they sit around thinking they are oppressed by liberal elites and can't wait until their time for revenge has come. Real people in Alberta (as opposed to John Ibbitson, apparently) have lives after all.
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