Monday, November 20, 2006

Unique Trade Strategy

Psycho Steve from yesterday's newser:
Mr. Harper, however, was unapologetic about the state of affairs and indicated that a more engaged relationship under the Liberals didn't help much in opening doors to Canadian business.

"Presently, we run a massive trade deficit with China. The fact of the matter is that neglecting human rights hasn't opened a lot of doors either, so obviously we don't think you get anywhere by short-changing your values."
O..K.., I guess the best way to address our trade deficit with China is to attack them publicly on human rights. I think that's what he was saying. Or, he may have meant he didn't care about hurting our relationship with China because we will never improve our trade position anyway, so why try? I call this "Steve's Kyoto Strategy".

Look, I have no problem with Steve talking to the Chinese about human rights. Steve's sin, for all his supposed "strategic brilliance", is to telegraph it ahead of time, and in public. I am sure it makes Steve feel like "a real man", but if it does nothing to acheive Canadian foreign and trade policies (whatever they are these days), let alone human rights in China, it is merely an autoerotic exercise on Harper's part. Grow up Steve. You are in the big leagues now, pal.

Update (the Foreign Minister weighs in): Peter MacKay, bringing all the interpersonal relations skills that has made his personal life so successful, commented:
"They need us," Mr. MacKay said. "They are very interested in doing business in this country."
Translation: "I treats countries like I treats women. Tough love man, the ladies just love it. They always crawl back for more sweet, sweet, Petie".
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