Sunday, October 29, 2006

To My Friends In Right Blogistan

I encourage you to read Kevin Tillman's (Pat Tillman's brother) comment on the war in Iraq. I know, I know, Iraq and Afghanistan are two different cases. However, if you want to understand why the people of Canada are uncomfortable about Afghanistan, even though the cause may be just, you must read this. The sense of discomfort isn't about the rightness of the cause in Afghanistan, but the company we are keeping in that campaign. We do not question the bravery of our own troops, but in the wisdom of blindly following those who have made such a hash out of Iraq. There is a nagging feeling in the Canadian people that the same criminals and liars who have destroyed Iraq are bringing the same level of crimnality and lies to Afghanistan. That's why questions about our role there are becoming louder. To divorce Afghanistan from Iraq is unrealistic, as the obvious failures of the Iraq policies of the Bush Administration become less and less deniable.
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