Monday, October 30, 2006

They Write Editorials, Don't They

I grew up in London, Ontario. It is an interesting place. Until the late sixties when cable tv became common, London was too far from Detroit and Toronto to get their television signals and so developed its own unique culture. It is an old culture that is very much an offshoot of an older, English tradition. It was and is a small "c" conservative town and has been dominated by one newspaper, the London Free Press which traces its history back to Josiah Blackburn, who was an acquaintance of Sir John A. MacDonald.

Needless to say, I really never had much cause to agree with the editorial content of the Free Press which tended to be the voice of the west end, Anglican, Tories (since I was an east end Catholic socialist). To see such a paper publish this editorial gave me some pause. It tells me that the old anglo-establishment are disturbed by Stephen Harper. He is clearly seen as "not of the club" and definitely not a gentleman. This is an interesting development and bodes ill for the new and improved "Conservative" party going forward. If the old establishment turns on it, full force, the CPC will have a hard time expanding the vote beyond the Frank Miller/Mike Harris wing of the party in places like London, where they need seats.
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