Thursday, October 12, 2006

Steve Harper: Brain-Dead Moron Or Psychotic Maniac?

I see our beloved PM has been at it again. In remarking on the rather loose "war crimes" talk by Iggy, Steve responded:
“This is consistent with the anti-Israeli position that has been taken by virtually all of the candidates for the Liberal leadership,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s helpful or useful.”
Leaving aside the fact that he is including Bob Rae (yes the same Bob Rae with the Jewish wife and children) in this list, I have to ask, "Is our PM playing with a full deck"?

Steve may not realize this yet but he is Prime Minister of all Canadians. He is not PM of the crazy-cousin-marrying-wooly-hat-wearing-mouth-breathing wing of the Tory Party. For a prime minister to get up and say that there is only one pro-Israel party in Canada and that is the CPC and everyone who disagrees with that party is therefore against Israel is not just irresponsible, it is insane. Are we to take from this that the inverse is true? Are we to understand that the Tory party is anti-arab? Does this mean that Steve is not interested in their side of the story? Does Steve not realize that he is the prime minister of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country and to pit one group against another is not only not in the best interests of his party, but positively poisonous to the country?

By this act, Harper has shown himself yet again to be completely incapable of understanding the nature of either the country or his job. The word "prick" was invented just for him.
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