Saturday, October 21, 2006

Open Letter To Peter MacKay

Dear Peter,

I don't want to interrupt you while you are carrying on your vital survey of sewage treatment plants, but you have a problem. The problem is you were caught on tape saying something truly nasty about Belinda. I realize denying reality is a prerequiste when joining the FEC's, but you look like a complete asshole. Bite the bullet, admit you said what you said, and move on. Otherwise, this issue will follow you around like a bad smell and people might begin to wonder whether Canada wants its chief diplomatic politician to be a sexist and a liar to boot (although if we ask David Orchard, that ship may have already sailed). Come on Peter, face the music. You will feel better about yourself, I promise.

Your friend,

Update:BTW, we have a winner of the Barbara Amiel Award, given to the dumbest female columnist in the country. The latest honoree is Ms. Christie Blatchford. Her award winning column is about the dog incident, but she isn't being honored for her contribution to that discussion. No, she is being awarded this prestigious award for her "funny" comment at the end of the column about silicone breast implants. So, let's hear it for Christie Blatchford, a truly remarkable human being.

Update 2: Note to the friends of Peter in the blogging community. You are digging yourselves a deeper hole for your friend. Your party already has problems attracting women. Stop digging.
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