Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ok I'll Bite

So, what are the Conservatives saying, that Denis Lebel has no chance of ever becoming leader of the Conservatives because of his separatist past? How about Maxime Bernier? Does that reasoning apply to him as well?
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  1. Bernier's got my vote, when the time comes.

    I was always more amused than outraged at the whole thing.

  2. It sounds as if you may not get the chance. If this gets out of hand, Bernier may have to disqualify himself.

  3. I doubt it -- people already knew he worked for Landry, and he didn't take out a party membership.

    Lebel, on the other hand, might have to -- but then, he wasn't going to run anyway.

  4. So Bernier was just a fellow traveler? I guess that is ok. ;)

  5. Actually, it's something even more damning.

    Between the failure of Meech Lake and, say, 2005ish, I think a lot of francophone Quebeckers simply mentally checked out of Canada.

    They weren't separatists, but they weren't passionately opposed to it, either.

    I think that applies to a good many of these politicians. They've re-engaged now. A number of (contradictory) things probably helped -- the Clarity Act, the nation resolution, noticing that English Canada really really really didn't like the Bloc (December 2008), the death spiral of the Liberals...

    Anyway. It's interesting to see it happen. And I think people aren't wrong to say "you joined WHAT?!" to them. But after that, we aren't wrong to say, "well, okay, we'll overlook that."