Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I can't find anything about Harper locking himself in a Brazilian bathroom, in the Canadian press. However Pogge has found it in the Brazilian press. Strange that none of our intrepid press corps is reporting it? Draw your own conclusions.

Update: The Canadian Press is now reporting... the denial. H/t, once again to Pogge in the comments. Also from the comments, I should have made it clear that Harper reportedly locked himself in a bathroom and wouldn't come out until the Brazilians bent to his demands for a change in protocol. That is some mature guy we have running the country.
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  1. Something has now shown up in the Canadian press: a denial. But even here, CP has to report "obvious tension" between Brazilian and Canadian officials. Certainly something went on.

  2. When reading your summary, I thought Harper had managed to accidentally get himself trapped, whether due to insufficient maintenance on the bathroom doors, or because the bathroom was secretly socialist and out to get him. I can understand if the media declined to report a situation like the above since it's not worth more than a few seconds of giggles.

    Reality is far worse. Harper wasn't getting his way, so he locked himself in the bathroom like a petulant child. Stunning. Equally stunning that Canadian media isn't reporting this.

  3. And they will, of course, take them at their word. It isn't as if they have lied to us before.

  4. From the denial: "This story is false. Bottom line guys, when these things happen it's because the team is fighting for you guys so you can get access."

    So the story is false and nothing happened, but these things did happen because the Cons were fighting for the media? This does not seem to make sense.

    I wish the CP report would provide all the relevant information. For example, they should say who "told [the journalists] they would be allowed to cover the toasts before the meal began."

    If it was the Brazilians which gave that permission, then that sounds at odds with the report in the Brazilian media. If it was the Canadians however, that would lend weight to there being some sort of disagreement.

    If Team Harper ever declared that the sky was not blue, would the CP make sure to provide all the facts? Or would that be an instance of 'lèse majesté' they'd rather avoid?

  5. Well, a bathroom *is* a good place for an asshole to lock himself in....