Thursday, August 11, 2011

My My

Aren't we turning into a junior league imperialist power? Sending troops to Jamaica and cops to Costa Rica. Soon we will have people burning Harper in effigy all over the third world.
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  1. Search and rescue readiness in Jamaica, a Commonwealth cousin, and police training in Costa Rica, one of the world's oldest democracies.

    Scary stuff, Greg.

  2. Tiny steps, Ben. It all starts somewhere.

  3. Hey, if we started playing Britain's 19th century role in the Caribbean, I think it'd be fine.

    But we could have had the British West Indies given to us in the 1920s, had we only asked. So I don't think we want them.

  4. I agree with Ben on this one. We're in Jamaica at the government's request to help them with the upcoming hurricane season. That's assistance we can be proud of.

  5. Same as snitching on a perceived terrorist or criminal they can't find soon it will be on your neighbour who may or may not be doing something imperious leader doesn't like, eh?