Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knee Jerk

What do you do if you have a riot? Well, if you are a British Conservative, you dictate who can and can't join Facebook and who can and can't own a cell phone. Yeah, that will work. It's not as if kids won't borrow or steal phones and won't create fake accounts on Facebook.
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  1. Don't forget the CCTV. Every community must have more and more CCTVs because they clearly prevented the riots in London... or not.

    I watched a bit on CPAC and was disappointed that most British MPs (and the PM) seemed to be extremely focused on additional cameras, police officers, water cannons, etc, rather than possible preventative measures. They're correct in stating that the criminals shouldn't be allowed to dodge the blame and responsibility, but neither should the government.

    Do they truly think that hundreds of looters and rioters sprung up fully formed from thin air, that the design of British society played no role at all? Okay, so you turn off Facebook: then what? Magic happens?

  2. Two weeks ago, those protesters were "Youth" and "Cell phone subscribers", and beyond that, not appearing in any other categories, I suspect. They weren't Home Owners, or Students, or Working Poor, or Trade Unionists, or likely even The Future.