Thursday, August 04, 2011

How Disappointing For Them

I am sure prairie farmers will turn around and throw this dirty government money back into the faces of the Harperites. After all, these folks are mostly good, free market capitalists, who vote the straight Conservative ticket. Giving them a government handout is surely an insult to their independent spirit. Or is it that Conservatives are only rugged individualists until something bad happens to them?
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  1. Once the Wheat Board is gone, I hope the government won't be indirectly subsidizing American grain companies like Cargill and ADM.

    If farming gets too expensive, the true Conservative position should be to allow the farmers to freely charge more for their grains. Not some communist scheme where American grain co's pay $10 for $15 worth of product, on the back of the Canadian taxpayer.

  2. As for your first hope, I think you are going to be disappointed. As much as they love farmers, the Conservatives love using farmers as beards in their love affair with big agra.