Saturday, October 02, 2010

Today In WTF Moments

Petey the Potato banned a prominent Muslim from a government sponsored event, at the command of Charles McVety. So, let's recap. In the last few months, this government has scrapped evidence-based decision making, perverted the idea of ministerial responsibility,attempted to gut gun control and instituted trial by letters from loonies. Is there any doubt remaining that Stephen Harper has remade the Conservative brand in the Republican image?
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  1. When I see things over here, need to figure out what really happened.

    So DND tossed the Canadian Islamic Congress on orders from Mackay. To which I say, "Who the hell scheduled them in the first place -- the people who said that all Israelis over 18 are legit targets of suicide bombers?!"

    If this means the Canadian Tories are finally a smidgen right-wing, well, good. Canada deserves at least one right-wing party.

    Lefties can find another one -- yours, the Liberals, or the Greens.

  2. But where will actual conservatives go?

  3. Thanks, Fester.