Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sure Chris

Chris Selley is chuffed about Ford's election in Toronto and breezily dismisses concerns about working conditions for employees of the city:
Opening up garbage collection to competitive bidding will be another interesting debate. This is not an “anti-union” measure. The replacement workers — if they were indeed replacements; CUPE could easily win the contract — would themselves almost certainly be unionized. But it would be a quick declaration that things are not as they were, that we’ve simply passed the point in history where something like trash pickup needs to be the exclusive domain of the public employee.
Quite true, CUPE could win the contract, as long as it was willing to take non-union wages and benefits. Chris isn't worried by the race to the bottom, and I suspect most of Ford's supporters don't, but in the end, by adopting this attitude, they are simply cutting their own throats. Screwing public sector workers, is the new opiate of the masses.
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  1. A mean, but accurate remark on my facebook page this morning: "I wish Toronto would stop dragging Canadian politics to the right, and instead copy the voting patterns of central Edmonton - where I am represented at three levels by women carrying NDP membership cards." ;)

  2. What on earth is Selley talking about? How does Ford get around the collective agreement's prohibitions on contracting out? And how can CUPE, a trade union not a contractor, "bid" on anything?