Tuesday, October 12, 2010

John Doyle Is A Brave Man

I agree with him completely. I haven't watched much hockey in years. In the old days, it was all about the game. Now it is about some Conservative Party vision of nationalism, where white men rule and everyone of importance comes from rural Canada and wears a uniform. Anyone who does not belong to these groups can either cheer them on, or just shut the fuck up. It's Canada after all. We have a choice.
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  1. I watch HNIC but only for the hockey. I turn the sound off and listen to rock and roll. That's entertainment. HNIC is a Toronto-centric Conservative talking point wrapped up in the love of in the jersey of phony patriotism. It teaches kids to wear suits and be robots. Cherry's not even the worst of it. Ron Mclean is a Red Deer right winger with the morality of the Church Lady. Kelly Hrudy is a Bush believer. Beyond that, the production values of the broadcasts suck. And they say CBC is a liberal network!