Monday, October 25, 2010

Push Grandma Under The Bus

The Liberals and Conservatives are after Medicare again. Jesus, their response to any challenge in health care is always "privatization". Ever think about taxation to support a basic right of Canadian citizenship? Hell no, that would require a spine and a political options kit that contains more than "Help the rich get richer".
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  1. Did you read the entire Gazette article? Keith Martin is pretty much alone in his party. Hell, he used to be with Canadian Alliance, which vocally spoke of Americanizing Health care here, first under ol' Stock Day, and then under Stevie Spiteful. Ujjal Dosanjh criticized him and pointed out the fallacy in Martin's argument, citing how Britain's two-tiered is suffering.

    Iggy has already renounced it as well, awhile back.

    Ever read anything of Carolyn Bennett's? I can guarantee, she, herself, a physician, has never advocated two tiered.

    Harpercons, however, notably Steve, count on an exact replica of the American system.

    As for Martin, he's more than likely going to lose his riding in the next election, but before you feel comfort, it will be to (groan!) a Harpercon. One seat closer to that coveted majority. Now, there's the most terrifying scenario for Canada.

  2. CK. As long as Iggy allows Martin to freelance, he owns him and his views, just as Harper owns Bernier and his (or Layton did when he allowed a free vote on the long guns for that matter). I am tired of Liberals giving cover to loons like Martin under the pretense that you are a "big tent". Martin should be in Harper's tent and tolerating his nonsense only makes me and people like me suspicious of the Liberal brand.