Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Road We Are Travelling

Dahlia Lithwick is writing about he contretemps between Ginni Thomas (wife of Justice Clarence Thomas) and Anita Hill. Close to the end of the article (which is worth a read) Ms. Lithwick writes:
But the depressive in me suspects that Ginni Thomas simply doesn't care what any of us think of her attempt to reach out and touch someone she hates. Why would she? She and her husband long ago passed a point at which they worry about how they will be portrayed in the mainstream press. They stopped reading it years ago. They both live in a world in which the facts of Hill v. Thomas don't matter. There are no facts. There are just "our" beliefs and "their" beliefs, just as there is "our" media and "theirs" and "our" Civil War history and "theirs." To criticize either Thomas has always been to join in the imagined conspiracy against them.
The American conservative movement have taken a very dark road. This is the road Canadian conservatives have decided to take too. They have taken postmodernism and have made it their own. There are no objective truths, there are only beliefs. Anything that contradicts the beliefs propagated by the Conservative Party, are obviously the work of either the devil or the Liberal Party. Facts be damned (or in our case statistical analysis be damned). The road we are on is leading us back to a time when faith was paramount and everyone accepted the word of the priest as the word of God. Welcome everyone, to the new Middle Ages.
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  1. I was thinking more Robber Baron era and the whole wild west of the 19th century but maybe Middle Ages is more appropriate.

  2. There are objective truths, absolutely.

    They just aren't necessarily the ones you will find on the CBC or in the Globe and Mail. And that's why diversity in media outlets is a good thing...