Monday, July 26, 2010

Thanks Stephen Taylor

For laying your party's agenda bare: The beginning of the end of the Canadian welfare state.
His greatest challenge is to dismantle the modern welfare state. If it can’t be measured, future governments can’t pander. I imagine that Stephen Harper’s view, Canada should be a country of individual initiative, not one of collective dependence “justified” through the collection of data.
If only the elected members of your party were as honest about their goals, we could have a cracking election about this. Somehow though, I doubt your party will be running on a platform of "Vote for us and we will get rid of CPP"; or "Vote for us and maternity leave will be a thing of the past", any time soon. But now we know that's the direction it wants to take Canada. Thanks again for the head's up.

Update: And, right on cue, the first potential welfare state causality is identified. I admit it was a bit of a surprise to me, given how much the Conservatives love them some troops (until they are old and require a little collective dependence). But it seems that Veteran's Affairs might be for the high jump.
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