Friday, July 16, 2010

Census "Mystery" Solved

There really is no mystery about why the Tories are scrapping the mandatory long form census. Like everything else Harper does, this is about appealing to the looniest members of his base. In this case, Harper is appeasing the black helicopters wing of the party. You know them, they are the same people who believe that long gun registration is the first step toward confiscation. Once you see the issue from that perspective, the Harperites' refusal to review this decision, in spite of overwhelming opposition, is easy to understand.

Update: I just watchec Power and Politics and they speculated that the census also generates data useful to groups asking for government programmes. The thinking is the government wants to turn to these groups and say "Prove it and pay for the study yourself" (unless the group in question are farmers. They will still have government paid for data. The Tories would never alienate the farm wing of their base. Hell, that is most of the base.).
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