Saturday, July 17, 2010

Famous Last Words

Wrong Way Peter MacKay, yesterday:
So what happens if the sole engine in the new F-35 Lightning fails?

“It won’t,” Defence Minister Peter MacKay insisted on Friday. It was a bold prediction and one he will be remembered for making.
Two things. First, we won't take delivery of these fighters for several years and Petey may be safely back in the private sector, sucking at the teat of the very defense contractors he is shilling for today by that time. So, it is easy for him to breezily predict perfection in his single engine plane. Second, this plane is being built by the same folks who brought you the F-104 Starfighter. You will note that Canada bought that single engine plane also and we lost a lot of them. Pardon me if I seem a little skeptical about Petey's prediction.
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  1. Bad comment to make by Mackay.

    That said, it's been clear for a decade that Canada was part of the F-35 consortium. How is it now controversial that the CF will get its share of them?

  2. My problem is not with the plane, but with the plan or lack thereof. Why this plane? Why a plane and not ships capable of patrolling the Arctic? Why not better equipment for the army? What is the mission for the armed forces over the next 20 years? Who knows? The government doesn't know, but is spending 16 big ones, seemingly on a whim.