Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of Vacations And Bomb Throwers

With apologies to Karina Roman's delicate sensibilities, Prime Ministers who gut the Census and impair the functioning of the Canadian state, do not get a free pass to whoop it up a the cottage. Harper is an employee of the Canadian people, and not their king. He should as a matter of course, make himself available to explain himself. Sending out his trained monkey is no substitute for hearing it from the organ grinder.

One might incorrectly conclude that Harper is afraid to show himself. If he were human, one might think him a little embarrassed by the havoc he has caused. Fortunately, Mr. Harper is not human and so is not plagued by human emotions, save one, arrogance. The simple fact is, Harper does not care what we think and has no intention of voluntarily explaining himself to anyone. If he is to be flushed out of hiding, we must keep up the pressure.
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