Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well Surprise, Surprise

The idea of prorogation is now out in the open. You wouldn't believe the reactions I got from friends when I said I thought it was going to happen again. It ranged from "Oh no, Harper wouldn't dare", to hysterical laughter. People have a way of thinking that there is a spark of decency in Harper somewhere. Once you lose that illusion, you have no trouble guessing his next outrage.

Prorogation makes perfect sense, if all you care about is short term survival. It starves the opposition of the forum of the House of Commons (it shuts down all committees)and it moves the calendar past the feel good event of the year, the Olympics. Then the government can come back, blame the Liberals for killing the anti-gun registry bill, raise a shit-load of cash from the wooly hats in its base and carry on as if nothing had happened.
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1 comment:

  1. I was surprised that when he did this last time that our dedicated parliamentarians didn't protest outside of the House day in and out, and even hold a mock session. They just went home.

    Harper is a problem, but our opposition is also weak.