Friday, December 11, 2009

On The Other Hand

We can look forward to another Constitutional crisis in the new year, so all is not lost, yet.

Update: Conservatives to Parliament: Drop dead. So it begins. I rate the opposition's chances of winning in court at no better than 50/50. For Harper, this is a no lose proposition. If the courts rule against him, he raises millions for the party through mailings complaining about the courts. If he wins, he becomes the absolute monarch of Canada. The only losers here are Canadians, but there is always hockey.

Update 2: The other reason the Harperites are anxious to get this question before the court is so they can stand up in QP every day and say "We never comment on an issue before the court" whenever someone asks about detainees.

Update 3: I agree with Scott. Keep it out of the courts. Parliament has the power. Use it!
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