Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks Norm

Norman Spector lists the reasons for Harper's success. I will break them down for you:
1. Harper doesn't put on airs, like Iggy does. Oh and Harper is writing a hockey book.

2. Harper is good to his base. Well, duh.

3. Canadians are deliberately bone ignorant about what is going on in their own government and cynical about politicians in general. I would say that if you beat a person long enough and shift his job to China, he will turn off politics and focus on survival.

4. Canada has an electoral system that favors Harper at the moment. I would say it is time to get rid of such a system, but it remains a difficult proposition because the people who control the means of mass communications in this country like the system as it is. It is much better to have one or two actors to lobby than five. So change, if it ever comes, will be very, very long term. So, I hope you like perpetual one party dictatorships as much as our owners do.
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  1. try some honey...or ar least not defeatism keep at it and you will change negative one at a time

  2. If democracy isn't honey enough, I don't know what is.

  3. So, by the Harper timeline, you're at 1998 -- when Harper was writing articles about how the electoral system means an effective dictatorship by the Liberals.

    It took another five years for a Tory merger, but on the other hand, the left is moving along slightly quicker than the right did back then...

    (Of course, Harper's banking on that -- his long-term goal is a two-party system, which he thinks will lead to Conservative victory about two-thirds of the time...)

  4. So, by the Harper timeline....


    As for his long term goal, I hope it turns out to be a pipe dream. His dream is my nightmare.