Friday, December 18, 2009

After You

Did anyone else see Harper's "performance" at his news conference? It was pretty nauseating the way he misrepresented Kyoto, but totally par for the course. Also, I wish someone had had the stones to ask him whether since harmonization with America is so vital, it will mean that we will wait for the U.S. to finish adopting every last possible regulation, before moving on ours (something that a. may never happen and b. if it does happen, will take years, if not decades)? It sounded to my ears that Canada will do nothing at all, not one thing, until there is absolutely no chance that the Americans will do less than us. Canada's new motto should be, "Not one inch further than the Americans" (and the use of imperial was deliberate).

Saturday Update: The Globe answered my question and it is yes, we are going to wait until the Americans are done before we act at all. It makes it sound as if we aren't even going to try to have any influence on the outcome (unless, I suspect, it looks as if the Americans might actually try to do something bold, which is highly unlikely). The good news, I guess, is that Harper may be long retired to Arizona before the process is finished in the U.S. and his successor might have a less inanimate view of climate policy.
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