Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where We Are

I don't have a lot of time to write these days. Life calls, don't you know. However, I can't let this moment pass without comment. It is a scary time out here in the hinterlands. People are hurting and they are in no mood to listen to more bad news. It is like the entire country has its fingers in its ears and is humming the tune to "Happy Days", in order to stop itself from having a nervous breakdown.

The government passed Afghan prisoners on to be tortured? "Sunday, Monday, Happy Days". The government is sabotaging the climate talks? "Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days". The government is on track to build more prisons, during a period of declining crime, in effect throwing our money at a non-existing problem to satisfy its base? "Thursday, Friday, Happy Days". The government is using the stimulus money as a political slush fund? "Saturday, What a day, Rockin' all week with you". Who cares? I don't mean that, I mean who has the time? Daily survival for my family is all there is. If you want to build an arena in my neighborhood, fine. I am not going to look to closely at the process by which the money was delivered. At least my brother in law will get a construction job for a while. Do what you want, as long as it means I can put food on the table. Don't talk to me about issues. Just go fuck yourselves.
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