Friday, October 09, 2009

On Magic Thinking

So, we have had the Liberals and Conservatives both swear off tax increases to pay down the deficit. So, you say, "Well I guess that means, spending cuts all around then". Hold on, not so fast. The Liberals say they have a way to balance the books without raising taxes or cutting spending, but they aren't going to tell us how. Hint: it's kinda like "The Secret".

The Conservatives on the other hand, say that they can balance the books by not raising taxes and not cutting spending. Apparently, this can be done, just by the force of Stephen Harper's will.

I have a couple of thoughts about these positions. First, the two big parties are treating our nation's finances like a giant ponzi scheme. Second, with giant brains like this running the country, the socialist option doesn't look so bad, does it?
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  1. What is the socialist option? Is the Video Professor advocating tax increases or spending cuts? The last I heard, he was pledging allegiance to Stephen Harper.

  2. The socialist option is to tax those who can afford it most and provide services for those who can afford them least. On the other side, socialists would spend taxes on those who need the most help and cut spending on those who need it least.

    So, in this case, there would be tax increases on the 1% of the population who have done very, very well in the last thirty years and probably spending cuts on subsidies to profitable corporations. I have heard Layton talk about both courses of action. The question I have, is whether Layton is sincere in his desire to deliver. That's why I said socialist rather than NDP.

  3. Fair enough--the anti-tax mantra has become increasingly irrational and, as a result, seemingly irreversible over the past two decades.