Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What A Surprise

Apparently, only state approved countries will be on the "can be sued" list (which countries? who knows, they won't tell us until the law is passed). I guess France had better be nice to Harper. Bizarrely, Peter Van Loan wants Canadians to think that the Governor General will be the one making the decision about who is on or off the list.
When asked if the United States, Israel or India could be put on the list, Mr. Van Loan said the Governor-General, acting on the advice of the federal cabinet, would make the final determination.
Well, the Conservatives got Canadians to believe that we voted directly for the Prime Minister, so what the Hell.
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  1. Maybe the weirdest step in the process of was Radwanski's post suggesting it was beyond the pale to think that any proven sponsor of terror based on evidence before a court might be treated equally. But apparently everybody's fine with the Cons instead using the bill as an excuse to make up another international enemies list.

  2. That's how you read it? I see Van Loan having a clumsy way of saying the Governor-General-in-Council, which is simply the federal cabinet...

  3. Ben, you see clumsy, I see calculating. Remember how the Conservatives suggested that coalitions were coups and were fine with the people thinking that Harper was elected president? This is just another way to muddy the water to avoid responsibility. Van Loan didn't want to say the Cabinet would be responsible because he (or more likely the PMO) does not want Cabinet (and by that I mean the PMO) to be held responsible for the list.

    Jurist, yes it is an amazing post, but it falls well within the accepted boundaries of "debate" among the pundit class.