Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Please, Please. Please

Under the headline: Replace Raitt With Gallant:
Minister of Human Resources Lisa Raitt shouldn't have the option of voluntarily stepping down, she should be fired. By allowing her to continue at her Cabinet position, PM Harper has shown us once again who, in his Conservative caucus, he will back at any cost and which ones he will snub at the least bit of controversy.

Prior to the campaign leading up to Harper's first minority government, Cheryl Gallant had been an all-star MP under the old Canadian Alliance Party, and, after the merger with the PC's, the Conservative Party of Canada. She was one of only two Alliance candidates to be elected in the Liberal stronghold of Ontario at the turn of the millenium and had held several portfolios for her hard work.

Then, in the summer election of 2004, the media created a smear campaign against Cheryl for her strong pro-life and anti-abortion views. Rather than back up his own MP for expressing her personal views, Harper muzzled her and denied her a cabinet post after the election.

Cheryl would have been a suitable Minister of Defense as she has an important Military base within her riding and some experience with the military herself. Even after Gordon O'Connor messed up in 2007 as Minister of Defense, Harper didn't bring in Cheryl during his cabinet shuffle.

Now we have Lisa Raitt, someone who we can't even take seriously after her arrogant words on the subject of Chalk River, getting full backing by the PM. Why not replace her with someone who has a more vested interest in the future of AECL? The uncertain future of the Plant not only affects those lives who depend on medical isotopes for cancer treatments, but the employer of the largest number of jobs in the Upper Ottawa Valley. With the stakes this high, the job should fall on the Member for Renfew-Nipissing-Pembroke - the riding that AECL Chalk River and its employees reside.
If there is a God, please make this happen.
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