Thursday, June 25, 2009

Republicans Find Their Calling

I am not a big fan of Barack Obama. I think he is far too quick to bow to Republicans in an effort to be "bipartisan". However, I agree with the way he has handled the aftermath of the election in Iran. Hooman Majd, an Iranian American journalist, sums up my feelings on this matter and on the response to Obama from the "Bomb Iran Boys" of the Republican Party.
I'm not saying Obama is the most knowledgeable person on Iran, but he's obviously getting good advice right now. He understands way more about the culture of the Middle East than any of the neocons. For them to be lecturing President Obama is a joke. I have criticized Obama; for instance, I criticized him for having a patronizing tone in his Persian New Year message. But right now I think he's doing a good job. The John McCains of the world, they're Ahmadinejad's useful idiots. They're doing a great job for him.
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