Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank God We Have Killed Electoral Reform

Now we can enjoy the fruits of a two party state, just like our American cousins. Below you will read a passage from the Washington Post. In it, you will see the relentless logic of the two party state made plain. The context of the quote is the progressive reaction to the Obama Administration ongoing coverup of Bush era lawlessness.
The political consequences are hard to figure. While there is clearly upset in many quarters of the Democratic base for Obama's decisions regarding investigations into harsh interrogation techniques and now his reversal on the release of the photos, it's hard to imagine that come 2012 these same voters will cast their votes for the Republican nominee.
That's pretty clear. If progressives are unhappy, too bad. They are stuck. So, they can support a party that covers up torture, or they can support a party that engages in it. I want me some of that. What sane person wouldn't? It is, after all, stability in action.
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