Friday, May 08, 2009

Citizens And Politics

Now that the government's always laughable "reason" for keeping Abousfian Abdelrazik out of his own country has been exposed as a lie, we should apply Occam's Razor to get to the real reason.

The simplest explanation for the government's quite frankly, childish and crazy treatment of one of its own citizens is that the governing party needs Mr. Abdelrazik kept where he is until the courts tell the government to bring him home. Why would they need him to be kept away until the courts order him home? Logic would suggest that that would make Doug Finley's fund raising job much easier if the governing party can tell its supporters that "activist" judges in the courts made the government bring him home and so they must send more money to the Conservative Party in order to ensure only good, conservative judges are appointed. Crazy? Maybe, however Conservatives have been known to muse about such things, and it is the simplest explanation for an otherwise unexplainable mystery.
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