Friday, December 21, 2007

Ya Basta

It is no secret I am having difficulties with the NDP at the moment. I think they are becoming perilously close to a clone of the Liberal Party, willing to sell out principles to buy votes (particularly in Quebec). However, when I see articles like this, I blow a gasket.

Klein is another in a long line of aging "progressives" who wet their pants if the Liberals aren't the government in Ottawa. Never mind that the Liberals have a terrible record on the environment. Never mind that child poverty was still a major problem at the end of their term. Never mind that national daycare was a no show until it made a sudden "deathbed" appearance after 13 years. Never mind all of that. If it isn't the Liberals screwing the country over, then something is wrong with the universe.

Klein and her progressive pals (Maude, Buzz, James and the rest) always blame the NDP for messing up a good thing (the good thing being unending Liberal rule). They always, always, always want NDP voters to feel guilty about voting for the NDP. They always want NDP voters to "do the right thing" to stop the Tories. That right thing is, of course, to vote Liberal (With no strings of course. Don't ask Liberals to change the electoral system, Heaven forbid!).

Never, ever, do these champions of progressive politics stop to actually look at the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party is a centre right party that pretends to be progressive just long enough to sucker the gullible like Klein and her friends. The apparchiks of the Liberal Party know that if they whisper "Tory majority" into the right ears, they can cause a cascade of panic amongst the dimwits in the media who call themselves "progressives". This has to stop. Klein and her friends are going to really have to look at the political landscape in this country and ask themselves if we can't do any better than the Liberals or Conservatives. If all they have to offer is "Vote Liberal or a puppy will die", they might as well save their breath. No one is listening any more.
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  1. Fester, get a grip--you're starting to scare us all.

  2. Sometimes I scare myself. ;) Merry Christmas, Ace.