Thursday, December 13, 2007

Better Than Any Poll

This editorial by the Sun tells me that the public is not at all happy with Psycho Steve and his merry band. I never, ever, thought I would see the day when the Sun called anything John Baird did "shameful". The only reason I can think the Sun is putting this out into the world, is they are hearing from their readers and their readers are not liking what is going on in Bali.

Instant Update: Stephen Harper's paranoid rantings about Liberals on judicial bodies destroying the nuclear industry has trickled down and out to other corners of his dark empire. Yesterday, one of John Baird's security goons did the whole protection racket routine on youth delegates to the Bali conference. You know what I am talking about. He confronted a group of peaceful protesters and gave them the old "Nice protest you have here, too bad if you went to an Indonesian prison for it." Shameful. And then Harper's personal press flack did two things, first he tried to spin the threat as concern for the kids welfare and two tried to spin this as yet another case of Liberal "subversion". These guys are so fucking crazy it just hurts to watch.
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