Friday, December 21, 2007

Psycho Steve Just Doesn't Understand

From today's Globe:
The Prime Minister also defended his government's position at the recent Bali climate change talks that all major emitting countries must sign on to a new greenhouse gas reduction deal.

"What I have trouble grasping is how you can have the kind of thing you had at Bali where everybody gets up and beats their chest and says it's a looming disaster and then virtually none of them are willing to actually endorse the principles that would lead to an effective international protocol."
Steve's confusion is understandable. As a conservative, Steve also doesn't understand why a guy who makes a billion dollars should pay a greater percentage of his income in taxes than a guy who makes forty thousand. For conservatives "fairness" means the rich and poor pay the same, regardless their abilities to pay. As with income, so to with climate change.

Update: Oh and don't you just love Steve's ominous warnings against those of us who want action on climate change? In his interview with Mansbridge, Harper had his usual smug smirk on his face. He said this:
"...Ask your viewers to think of that (costs of implementing climate change regulations) whenever they have other people out there saying we should be doing more, because once we start -- Really these thing start biting, the criticism we are going to be getting is we are doing too much."
It's like he is saying"You want action on climate change? Slap. There's you action on climate change!" Harper seems to relish the prospect of imposing hardship on his own people, rather than helping them through the tough times ahead and mitigating the worst impacts of his policies, as some kind of collective punishment for failing to see the "brilliance" of his argument against any action. (Don Martin sees this side of his personality up close and doesn't like what he sees).
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