Saturday, December 08, 2007

What Are The Greens? Are They PC's? Liberals? What?

Take a look at this interview of Elizabeth May, with Garth Turner. She spends most of her time either boosting Stephane Dion or previewing the next version of the "Think Twice Coalition". Someday the Greens will move closer to the European model, and when that day comes I might consider voting for them. As long as the Greens are led by May, neither will happen.

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  1. Care needs to be taken to avoid conflating what Elizabeth May is (Liberal) versus the majority of Green members and voters who are not, who are Green.

    Many of us continue to vote Green in spite of its current leader, because we believe it's the only party that will continue to hold ANY government's feet to the fire on environmental and sustainability issues. The GPC's presence and efficacy was on the ascendancy well before Elizabeth May started marching in front of the parade, and it will continue long after she accepts her Liberal patronage appointment after the next election.

  2. So, if Elizabeth May isn't what you wanted as a leader, you majority of Green Members, why is she your leader?

    Oh, yeah, right, maybe too busy tree hugging to like, you know, get involved in the party you are voting for.

    One more example of idiocy at large.

  3. Tom North, if that is your idea of insightful political analysis or an answer to Greg's question, you must be one of the current leader's circle of personal fart-catchers and 'strategists'. But I digress.

    Greg asked "What Are The Greens" and if he's looking to Elizabeth May for an answer he'll never find one because she's a Liberal.

    If he looks beyond the one who jumped in front of the proverbial parade, he'll find a melange of former dippers, liberals, cons, and nota's who have decided to give their support/vote to the Greens because for those people, sustainability has become an overriding concern. Greens are greens.