Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Comedy Of Errors

John Filo explains why Buzz Hargrove and Anne Klein are clowns, for those who haven't yet figured it out.
Filo said the CAW strategic voting concept “was flawed from the beginning” because it called for members to vote for Liberals without asking for the Liberal leadership to endorse or promote NDP candidates in ridings where New Democrats had a good chance to win.

“It was a comedy of errors,” said Filo. “It was so naive to call for support of Liberal candidates without getting a reciprocal endorsement deal in the many ridings where NDP candidates traditionally do’s what I call unilateral disarmament.”

Filo said he also would have revoked Hargrove’s membership after he so blatantly threw his support behind the Liberals.
Unilateral disarmament. That sounds about right. When Liberals tell New Democrats to put partisanship aside, what they really mean is vote Liberal. Period.
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  1. Of course that's what the Liberals want.

    Trouble is -- and this is what pissed off the Reformers in their day, and then the PCers when the Reformers came around to the idea of uniting the right -- this entirely self-interested argument happens to have some merit.

    Being pure loses.

    On the other hand... the Reform Party in the early-to-mid 1990s succeeded in moving policy debate to the right, just as the NDP succeeded in moving policy debate to the left in the 1960s, 1970s, and possibly today.

    Which is preferable?

  2. I would take moving the debate over power, myself.

  3. Unilateral disarmament.

    Also a very apt description of Hargrove's "deal" with Magna.

  4. Greg -- which is why you're a Dipper. :-)