Saturday, October 01, 2011

Death By Fiat

King Barry Obama has done something no other emperor of the American Imperium has done before. He has taken unto himself the power to kill any American he deems guilty, without benefit of a trial. No one of any substance will say a word against this summary execution, because the target was a Muslim. However, the precedent is now set and if I was an American, I would watch what I say and do, lest a drone be dispatched over my car.
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  1. Yeah, that was really something.

    Obama went beyond what even I think is a justifiable foreign policy decision by an American president.

  2. Unfortunately for your rather fevered rhetoric, there WAS a warrant out for the victim here, from a court in Yemen. He failed to show up in court to defend himself and the judge ordered he be captured or killed. Since Yemen and the United States are allies, and the operation was carried out in Yemen, that's all the legal justification Obama needs. Unless the Yemeni authorities say they didn't sign off on it, you're out of luck.

  3. Shakes his head at sunsin. Yes, we all look to Yemin for fair trials and a functional justice system. American's, don't skip your court dates from now on, you could have a death warrant slapped on you by a foreign court, and the U.S. will be duty bound to carry it out. To hell with innocent until proven guilty. That is so 20th century.