Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A City Boy's Thoughts On Killing The Wheat Board

Farmers of the prairies, I understand your pain. It isn't easy to have a government go against your wishes and ram through legislation you don't want. I understand that. What I don't understand is why you voted en masse for the Conservative Party. Did you think they were kidding all these years when they said that they would kill the Wheat Board if they ever got a majority? Who is laughing now, eh?

Well, life's a bitch. Water under the bridge and all that. Just one more thing. If you expect urban Canadians to bail you out once you are in the clutches of ADM et. al., well, we have other priorities and money is tight. You understand I am sure. Have a nice day.
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  1. Man, for a guy who lives in what amounts to a glorified small town, you sure can be a major blowhard about urban issues.

    Remember that it's those rural voters the NDP will have to learn to appeal to more of in order to win government. You're not helping.

    Signed, someone who actually does live in a major city.

  2. Jen. The Corporations are in love with lemon socialism. We don't need another part of the Conservative base believing that they can privatize profit and socialize loss. Harsh? You bet. Unfair on my part? Hardly. If the NDP's strategy for winning government is to buy into that the neo-liberal, lemon socialist model, it is barking up the wrong tree. Of course, that is just my own blow hard opinion. Ignore it if you want. I speak for no one but myself. Certainly not the NDP.

  3. No handouts to foreign agribusiness megacorps! Even when funneled through farmers first.