Saturday, October 08, 2011

All That's Wrong WIth The Modern Conservative Movement...

In one short article. Meet Michael Harris and Rob Leone, two shiny, new MPPs from the Waterloo Region. Both are thoroughly orthodox in their views on public finances. Michael Harris states these ideas thus:
“It’s affordable taxes, living within your means. We have to do it in our home budget; we have to do the same (in government).”
Good, wholesome family values, completely devoid of any macroeconomics to back it up. But I digress. Wait, there is more, just a few paragraphs on:
Harris works in sales at Honeywell, so he knows the Toronto drive well. He lives in south Kitchener, near Highway 401. He too, plans to pressure the Liberals to bring at least four trains a day to Kitchener. Liberals must follow through on funding for a Highway 7 expressway between Kitchener and Guelph, he said.

“We are going to makes sure we hold the current government to those promises,” he said of the minority Liberal government. “We’ve got Mr. McGuinty on a short leash.”

Expanding mental-health and suicide-intervention programs is a big issue for Harris, because it’s directly affected his family and friends. He wouldn’t elaborate.

“It’s taking a lot of lives each year. I think its something we are really afraid as a society to talk about,” Harris said.

Long-promised Cambridge Memorial Hospital expansion is atop Leone’s to-do list. All parties support it, so get it started, he said.

“I don’t want to stand in the way, simply because I’m a PC member and it’s a Liberal government.”
Um, ok, so much for living within your means. Unless they mean everyone but those living in their riding should suck it up and cut back, because damnit, they want their pork!

In a nutshell, this is what is wrong with modern so-called conservatism. In theory, they are all for "living within our means" and cuts in taxes. In practice, they are also for, unlimited spending in their own ridings. This is fiscal insanity. This is the black hole that they have sucked us and the rest of the world into. God knows how or when we will be able to escape its deadly grip.
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  1. Agree with your article. Modern conservatives seem to be saying that they and they alone will be the ones who decide what gets spent on whom and when. Harper is a perfect example of this kind of thinking. Damn the experts, the only thing that matters is what I, Stephen Harper, thinks. He's an expert on everything, including the things he knows nothing about!

  2. Isn't Tony Clement Exhibit A in this argument? Driving up Hwy. 11 with $100 bills fluttering out the trunk of his limo?

  3. Genuine conservatives wouldn't recognize this bunch even if they were wearing big blue Cs on their foreheads.