Saturday, July 09, 2011

Why We Fight

The slogan must be "Pensions for all", because make no mistake, this government is after your kids' pensions and hoping you will not care.
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  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2011

    If this government has it's way, everyone will be out of work with no pensions or protection and will then be prepared to take on any kind of work. The question not being asked in any of these polls is do you think the politicians are paid too much and are their pensions too big. In a couple of years when the Harpercons meet the magic number of six years, cementing their golden pension future, watch for all the shit eating grins sitting around the Hill

  2. It's the demography, Greg.

    These pension models were built on having a young generation the size of the Boomers relative to their elders.

    We can work on reforms now, or we can work on reforms once it hits crisis state.

    Given how politicians and the general public react to reforms, I imagine it'll be the latter.

  3. You are right, there are things that can be done (and the NDP have proposed several), but the government is giving Alberta a veto on our pension system.

  4. Long term, we need to move from a "defined benefit" system to a "defined contribution" scheme.

    Funnily, if it's run right, the pensions from the latter can end up being much larger than the pensions from the former. (See the funds accrued by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.)

    How we get from where we are to that -- that's the toughie.

  5. Well, your solution is definitely the preferred conservative solution. It certainly benefits stock markets, bit as for ordinary people, not so much.