Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear Mr. Obama

I read this with sad recognition:
In other words: it makes no difference to us how much we stomp on liberals' beliefs or how much they squawk, because we'll just wave around enough pictures of Michele Bachmann and scare them into unconditional submission. That's the Democratic Party's core calculation: from "hope" in 2008 to a rank fear-mongering campaign in 2012.  Will it work?  The ones who will determine if it will are the intended victims of that tactic: angry, impotent liberals whom the White House expects will snap dutifully into line no matter what else happens (even, as seems likely, massive Social Security and Medicare cuts) between now and next November.
The Liberal Party of Canada used "Scare the lefties" for years, and it worked very well-- until it didn't. I think you are where the Liberals were about eight years ago. I will not give away the ending, but let's just say it didn't end well for them. I have always called you the"Paul Martin" of American politics. Every day you get closer to sharing his fate.
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  1. It did win Martin one election -- 2004.

    That's all Obama needs...

  2. I hope that young taxpayers start to realize the power they have to influence the outcome of the next election - by maybe actually getting out to vote according to their interests. If someone might point out to them that a retiree making the same income as a 30 year old pays less taxes than they do. Why? 'Cuz they're older? No! 'Cuz they have more political impact than a non-voting 30 year old does. Even a 30 year old with a dependant or even a family pays more than a retiree!
    Why doesn't a system respond to the needs of young voters?
    'Cuz they don't vote!

  3. Young voters vote.

    They're the ones who put Obama where he is.

    Now, whether they vote their interests -- that's a whole other ballgame.