Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Worst. President. Ever? It is a compelling case. I think it is a tie with Bush Jr.
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  1. If the whole of the United States were like Vermont, they could elect Bernie Sanders president. And that would undoubtedly be better -- if the whole of the United States were like Vermont.

    Guess what? It isn't.

    There is a perceptible trace of dweeb envy in some left commentary about Obama -- the obsessive hatred the school "outs" have for the jock with the A average. Been there, done that, discovered it was f'ing stupid. Get over yourselves and try to convince some of the voters to see things your way. Right now you're lucky you have Obama rather than President Palin. You want better, or lefter, you're going to have to work for it. And if and when you finally get what you want, try waiting five minutes before you start stabbing him/her in the back, OK?

  2. I realize third parties are at a disadvantage in the U.S., but I would not be surprised if Obama inadvertently created one. The man is a disaster. It has nothing to do with high school. His policies are bad and his instincts are wrong. Wrong on foreign policy, wrong on economic policy and wrong on security policy. Aside from that he is great.

  3. And if you go back in my blog you will see I was never on his team. He is the Paul Martin of American politics--a useless combination of promising big and delivering small.

  4. It's interesting -- Obama is in danger of losing the left now.

    That would have interesting consequences.

  5. Well he never had me in the first place, but yes he is losing liberals.